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AUTOMATION is nothing new, also known as "DIGITAL SWITCHING" it has been around for a long time. Automation has been used factories for centuries to build products like cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. It is used to take complicated processes and make them simple and repeatable with a push of a button and create predictability. So you are asking the question what does this have to do with my yacht, good question, today's yachts are very complicated a would require a huge crew to run and maintain them, but with today's more affordable computer technology and automation, they can do the same task with a push of a button without human error saving you money. When you step foot on your yacht the last thing you what to do is work! or pay a large crew to work, let your yacht work for you and sit back and enjoy. Today's automated yachts can be monitored and serviced remotely anywhere in the world, so now you do no have to fly technical people around the world to fix a simple problems. Today older yachts are being refitted with AUTOMATION systems to save wire weight/cost and add intelligent to there yachts. AUTOMATION is nothing to be afraid of, it is something to really enjoy and is cool, just educate yourself and you will feel comfortable. Also check out our AUTOMATION page as Mr Larcomb with 35 years of AUTOMATION experience will go into more details of yacht AUTOMATION systems. 

Dan Larcomb

‚ÄčAutomation Engineer